“Ashlesh is a very ambitious and motivated individual who was associated with Rishabh for over 2 years. He began his tenure with managing collaterals for our team and moved on successfully to learn and master the SEO & Social Media field. He is a thorough professional with a pro-active approach. With his extended help, many of us have been able to deliver and meet tough deadlines on time. His skills-sets, knowledge & high energy level would make him a valuable asset to any team. I highly recommend him to any company.”

Latha MehtaPre-Sales Executive, Rishabh Software

“Ashlesh is such a good personality to work with. He always does his job sincerely and takes keen interest in delivering before time. It was pleasure working with him.”

Suresh Sharma, Programme Manager, Bausch & Lomb

“I have worked on multiple things with Ashlesh on the marketing side of things. He has especially contributed well to the online marketing initiatives of Rishabh Software. He was the first person I contacted for collateral to use for the content of the website and blogs. He has managed to come up a steep learning curve to understand online marketing and manage the daily activities that go into building an online presence for the company. He has been diligent and hard-working in his approach which is also the reason that he will succeed as he progresses in his career. He’s definitely a good team player to have on any team.”

Saumil Shah, VP – Strategy, Rishabh Business Solutions
Product Manager, ODSCommerce


“Ashlesh and I have worked on the Internet marketing front at Rishabh for the past 1 year. He’s passionate about internet marketing especially when it comes to SEO and SMO activities. Through his inquisitive nature, he’s expanded his knowledge base enormously over this time. This in turn has helped Rishabh software’s internet marketing initiatives a great lot! He’s also a great team player as he believes in sharing this knowledge for the company’s good. His keenness to learn and excel with great zeal and enthusiasm will take him places. Wishing you the very best for your future!”

Kaushal Shah, Management, Rishabh Software


“From the day I met this gentleman, I was pleased to share few minutes I spent with him discussing business trends globally. His enthusiasm & ‘May I help you’ attitude keeps him on top & approachable. If Jack was good in worldly traits then Ashlesh has a knack in Social Media and public relation. He has worked on the strategies which help a company to sail the Competitive Brand Game. I would wish him good luck & may God bestow joy, love & success in all his future endeavors.”

– Naphel StephenBusiness Development Consultant, Rishabh Software

“Ashlesh is a very hard working guy with a “Never Say Die” attitude.
He has changed my complete prespective of SEO as an activity to promote yourself through web. I never gave importance to SEO for our Engineering Services Division. With his brilliant ideas, eye on details, his extremely versed hands on Microsoft PPT, web page design and content ideas, I was able to get things done within the deadline for an extremely well structured website, presentation material & ofcourse case study & collateral documents.

He is an asset to the company. Just like a soap solution – the more u stir, the more bubble you get out of him! The more challange you give to him, he will always come up with new ideas to handle that!
I wish him all success in his future endeavours and a very sucessful new life in States! Wish you all the best, Ashlesh!

Naveen Raj Pal, International Business Development Head, Oil & Gas | Petrochemical – Engineering Company

“Ashlesh is one of the best among all people I have ever met. It’s my pleasure to work together with Ashlesh, complete package of pre-sales & SEO activities. He has put tremendous efforts on our corporate website & resources; helping Rishabh Software to get visibility on various search engines. Ashlesh is a deadline oriented, proactive and responsible colleague with a great skill to handle and execute multiple tasks.”

Harshal Kharod, Founder, The Mobile Guru

“I have worked with Ashlesh for over 2 years at Rishabh Software on various projects related to the company website and SEO. He is an extremely keen learner and explorer and has grown leaps and bounds through his seeking spirit. In my association with Ashlesh, I saw that he was very passionate about his work & constantly used innovative ideas to his work. He would not only share his knowledge during casual conversations, but also conducted couple of training sessions on Social media Marketing, Twitter for Business & the likes. He is an extremely talented individual and very resourceful and fun to work with. Good to know you Ashlesh!”

– Shreya VinekarTraining & Development, Rishabh Software


Ashlesh is a seasoned professional with immense knowledge and potential in the field of Internet Marketing. For us, he is the ‘Go To’ man for all Social Media Marketing & SEO related problems. An ardent campaigner with innate focus on doing things correct the first time… every single time, Ashlesh brings together a unique blend of passionate aggression mingled with level headed thinking, a rare and most sought after trait in industry verticals.

I wish all the very best to him for his future endeavors. Talent knows no boundaries, and I am confident that his true value would be cherished by talent hunters.”

Prajwal ManeBusiness Development, ODScommerce

“Ashlesh is very honest with his work. His work dedication along with his natural ability to adapt & be creative makes him a very valuable entity. During my professional tenure with him, I have learned a many things from him & have been amazed at the details he can explore to understand & present things. Certainly a value addition to any team.”

Keyur Shah, Pre-Sales Manager, Rishabh Software

“Ashlesh is creative, focused and resourceful marketing professional with sharp focus on his work on SEO, Social Media Marketing & Internet Marketing Strategies. He is insightful, imaginative, proactive and analytical. A great team player that always exceeds expectations in everything he does and motivates those around him by setting an example. I have seen him coming out with new ideas, implementing them and striving hard to make it happen. I am sure his zeal and make it happen attitude will help him succeed in life.”

Sanjay PatelHead IT,OpenSource & JAVA, Rishabh Software

Terrific at co-ordinating tasks and a brilliant communicator. He is a think tank when it comes to executing projects and this quality brings about life to all the assignments he gets associated with. Very professional yet very friendly and definitely a class of an asset for any organisation.

Kanika Kapoor, Manager, i-Serve Systems

“Ashlesh is undoubtedly one of the most flexible guy to work with. He is a keen and fast learner and very helpful. He is very specific and result oriented professional. I would indeed recommend him and I am sure he would come out wonders. Above all, he is very cool and absolute pleasure to work with and a very good friend.”

Meetul PatelLead UI Specialist,  KONY Labs

“A very Innovative person, Gentle in thoughts, Mature in actions and helping you to look at a solution from diverse angles, a very good sign of a budding manager. I wish you all the best and have more professional achievements in future!

– Manoj ElanjickalHR Manager, Rishabh Software

“Ashlesh is a very Enthusiastic, Multi-tasking, Flexible, one of the finest professionals and a detail-oriented Professional having a very good knowledge of market. The best thing about him is that he is always eager to learn and do something different with a “Can do” attitude. He is capable to take any responsibility and has “3 D’s of Success” imbibed in him: “Desire, Determination & Dedication” which make him come out as a winner. He is absolutely brilliant whether it is Planning or Executing the program successfully, Extremely helpful and a “Self- learner” with innovative mind. I highly recommend him and wish him all the best for his future.”

– Lata SewaniHR Business Partner, Rishabh Software

“We could talk about Ashlesh’s infectious enthusiasm for the work he does. Or we could talk about Ashlesh’s depth of commitment to his job and his clients. But the greatest thing about working with him is that he is simply fun to be around. No doubt there’s something to be said for enthusiasm, commitment, and depth of experience, but more than all that he is a leader who makes everyone else’s day better because he brings a smile to your face no matter how difficult the day might be. he is always willing to pass his knowledge on to other employees with very thorough training. His interest in social media is quite intriguing and I am certain he will take many clients/people to new levels. I wish him All the Best.”

Arit SinhaBiz Dev – Sr.Research Analyst, Rishabh Software

Ashlesh came across as an exceptional helpful person as a colleague. Ambitious person who can be trusted – that’s Ashlesh! Very good, well educated, excellent communication skills and hard working – his conception, skills, knowledge and understanding of dependencies make him a class apart. He shows all the time a strong experience in areas such as pre-sales, SEO, presentation and many more. Knowledge of IT technologies in connection with modern ways makes him an employee with really huge potential. He is always prepared and articulates his message clearly. His style includes working as a team with his peers, subordinates,and clients. His personality could be described as: Eager, Forward Thinking, a Listener, Organized, and Compassionate. I wish him good luck for his future.

Shalin MishraIT Business Consultant, Rishabh Software


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