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All of us have always noticed certain peple who always seem to be happy no matter what they are doing and we really cant understand why they are so happy!!!! “Don’t they have problems in their life?” is the first question that comes to our minds. Do they not have stress that makes them tired and cranky. Do they not have annoying family and friends who expect a lot out of them?

Well, the obivious answer is YES they do. They live on the same planet as we do after all! But they have a different approach to handling the stuff life brings to them which makes them happier than most people.



Hello World!

Posted: June 1, 2011 in General

Welcome to my Blog – “The Knowledge of Light”.

Here I shall share all the useful information with you that would help you to increase your knowledge bank.  I am trying to put in my efforts to make knowledge free and share the knowledge to spread awareness.

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Hope you enjoy reading my blogs!

Happy Reading!!

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Just for You

Posted: May 31, 2011 in General

You’re my dream, my love, my life
You’re the heart of my soul, my wife;
You the one that makes me smile,
Just wanna spend my life with you.

Life is so short; And in this short life,
I just don’t wanna keep missing you,
‘Cause that makes me shed tears
And all that I wanna do-
Is spend my whole life loving you.