7 Reasons Why One Should Go For Guest Blogging

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media
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Guest blogging is the new trend in the world of blogging to gain visibility over the internet.  Most of the bloggers in today’s world are looking forward to promote their blog, content and they are using the means of guest blogging to accomplish this.  Guest blogging, for all those who don’t know, basically means writing on someone else’s blog. Guest blogging helps you to built relations with other bloggers.

The next question in your mind would be why I should go for guest blogging.  To start with, if you have blog, how many people come to your blog? How many people know you? How many people realize you are a blogger? So if you are tired of these small number of people who know you, explore the break out with guest blogging that will spread your voice to many more over the internet.

Here are some of the important reasons why one should go for guest blogging-

  1. Increase in Traffic – It can drive more visitors to your site just by posting one quality guest posting. Each guest blogging site provides a link to promote your site and drive the traffic to your site. It is the quickest way to get more traffic to your blog or site. But always make sure you give your post to a guest blogging site that has good traffic.
    Guest Blogging - Increase in Visitors
  2. Link Building – With the new Google panda updates, the experts have claimed that article submission sites have lost their effectiveness and guest blogging can be really useful for building quality backlinks. In order to rank better in the search engines, you must have enough backlinks from authority sites. Link building is an important aspect of blogging and helps you to gain good reputation on the web. Guest postings provide you with backlinks to your site which earns your blog a better Google ranking and page rank.
  3. Exposure – Guest posting helps you to increase your circle of influence since you will be also able to target the audience of the guest blogging site.  It also helps you to get better visibility on the Search engine searches since it is easy to rank on such sites.  You work is not visible to various visitors that was not possible just by having your own blog.
    Exposure - Guest Posting
  4. Builds Relationships – growing your network is an important aspect of internet marketing and to any business.  It is a great way to built valuable relations with other bloggers and business that can provide better opportunities for new ventures and help to gain better insights or strategies to uncover new markets for your business.
    Build relationship with Guest posting
  5. Building Reputation & Brand Awareness – Guest postings can build a better reputation & Brand for you or your company on the web.  By posting a few high-quality articles on guest blogging sites, you can create a high reputation & Brand of yourself as an industry expert in the niche that can help you influence and attract more visitors.
    Build brand awareness with guest posting
  6. Build your List – One of the very great outcome of guest blogging is it helps you with creation of email list.  Your quality guest posting can create hundreds of email subscribes in few days. In this way you can generate leads through guest blogging and direct them to a landing page on your site.
    Build list with guest blogging
  7. Increased presence on Social Media sites – Established guest blogging sites are shared more on the social media sites which allows you to tap the social media traffic easily.  You will get a tremendous exposure through social media connections and followers of the guest blogging sites.  With Google giving more importance to social networks and social media, the social sharing will provide additional ranking benefits to your blog.
    Social media presence with guest posting

To learn on how guest blogging can help your blog or site get more traffic, contact me.  You can leave me a tweet on twitter @ashlesh_shah.


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