9 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Site

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization
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Bounce rate, basically, means the percentage of single page visits or the visits in which the visitor leaves your website from the landing page.  The percentage exposes the number of visitor who arrived at your website but bounced out of your site.  There are various reasons why the visitor bounces out of your site like may be he didn’t like the page, the page took long to load, maybe he found the page not really informative or he got exactly what he was looking for.

Well, whatever the reasons might be, one would always want their visitors to scroll over their site and reduce bounce rate of their site, especially on a blog where you would have excerpts on the home page. A high bounce rate means less visitors and low conversions.

Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Let us check the below ways to reduce bounce rate of your site:

1. Worthwhile Content
As I always say in my blog posts that content is the most essential part of the website and it is absolutely necessary that you have original, unique and worth reading content updated (posted) regularly on your site.  You must also make sure that the article is related to the niche you are targeting on your blog. One aspect to keep in mind would be to consider having relevant and congruent title.

2. Optimize the targeted keywords
Targeting the right keywords for your business would help you attract the right visitors. If you target irrelevant keywords, your bounce rate would increase or you will fetch irrelevant traffic that will not help to convert into leads.

3. Interact with your visitors
Another effective way to reduce bounce rate of your site is to engage the visitors with some polls or by offering a free subscription or a newsletter. Running a survey is also a good idea but be careful where you put the survey because it turns down your visitor if you ask him to fill in the survey while entering the site. Include offers, discounts and incentives to your visitors.  This will not only reduce the bounce rate but also bring traffic and returning visitors.

4. Good Looks and Feel
It is vital to have a clean and good looking website.  A good look and feel on the website promotes visitors to stay on the web pages which inturn reduces the bounce rate. It is also important that you represent some of you content in a graphical, pictorial or visual way which would attract the visitors eyes to stay over the page.

5. Proper Navigation
Proper navigation encourages visitors to click through various links on your site by providing website accessibility. Visitor must be able to easily access the information he is looking for within two or three clicks.  You must also consider having elements like most popular posts, related posts, and search box on your site for visitors to find related information easily.

6. Improve Site Speed
One of the major factors why bounce rate of your site could be high is it takes a lot of time to load.  People don’t like waiting and when your site takes time to load, they would not bounce out of your site.  The remedy to this problem would be to increase your loading speed or memory on the site because you can’t afford to lose your online visitors.

7. Direct your traffic to the Landing Page
Visitors will move away from your pages if they are not redirected to the right landing page. You have to drive your traffic in the funnel (business or sales funnel) by setting up the correct landing pages for the visitors to navigate through the site. A word of caution – Don’t drive your traffic to the homepage; Be relevant and congruent to the topic with the correct use of anchor text.

8. External & Internal Links
I have observed that a lot of people set up external links on their blogs and sites as references for more information.  Be careful here, you are actually telling your customer to log on to other site because he will be able to find more information elsewhere. External linking is important in SEO but you have to really limit yourself and optimize its use. Another piece of advice would be to remove the advertisements on your pages as they also work as links and distract the visitor. You must have internal linking to relevant content for the visitor to jump over to other pages that he finds interesting. As I mentioned earlier, you can have Related Post, Links of Interest and Tags for visitors to scroll over relevant topics.

9. Compatibility with various devices
In the era of technology, it is very important that your site is accessible from almost any devices that have access to the internet.  Mobile compatibility is another aspect you would like to consider since most people use smart-phones now to access information through internet. To stay competitive in the market and to attract more traffic, your site must be mobile, tablets, smartphone compatible.

According to the industry specialists, a bounce rate of 30% is considered best. One way you can find out the bounce rate of your site is to use Google Analytics and keep an eye on it. So what are you waiting for?  Implement these ways to reduce bounce rate on your site and see the difference not only in your site’s bounce rate but also in the time spend by visitors on your site. Contact me if you need  more information on how to increase the time spent by visitors on your site. Feel free to tweet me on twitter @ashlesh_shah.

  1. Joe Taylor says:

    I often get asked this question now some of my smaller clients are tracking their own analytics. Your article is a simple but usefull resource in order for web owners to understand what it is and how to reduce. Thanks

    Reference: LinkedIn

    • Ashlesh says:

      Thanks Joe for the “Like”.
      I highly appreciate your comments on my article “9 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Site”and I hope I was able to share good techniques with you. If you need any further help on the subject, please feel free to approach me.

      • Joe Taylor says:

        No Problem. I am just really getting into affiliate marketing at the moment and I think the bounce rate needs to be completely the opposite. You need a higher bounce rate to lead them onto the companies who are actually selling the product. Do you have any unique ideas to increase the bounce rate?

  2. The picture you posted there is quite impressive.
    I’m working on my website, implemented these methods and few others but still have problems reducing the bounce rate. The bounce rate for my website is really high.
    If you are working in this business can you pls help me with some tips for my website.If you are willing to exchange some tips about this problem pls contact me.

    • Ashlesh says:

      Hi Dragos,
      Thanks for contacting me. I am indeed in this business and I can surely help you with some tips. It would be great if you can send me your URL. I would like to study it a bit and give you some more effective ways to reduce bounce rate of your site.

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