Android Mobile Application Development

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Mobile Computing
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Android is a Linux based open source operation system with robot or synthetic organism. People believe that Android is owned by Google but it’s just not Google. Besides Google, it are the various members of Open Handset Alliance that collaborated to Android. Open Handset Alliance is a group of various technology and mobile companies like handset manufacturers, mobile operators, mobile software companies etc.

Android is the fastest growing mobile application development platform that brings you the most popular smartphone devices today. These devices have the capabilities to perform task that of a computer with great speed and efficiency. With the constant growth in android mobile platform, android mobile application development took a great leap in the market. With this, there grew a demand for android applications which led to the increase in the number of companies providing android mobile application development services.

Android mobile application development involves the use of C/C++ & JAVA programming languages which makes it easier for developers to work on the android platform. The android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the necessary APIs, tools and programming environment for developing android application using the JAVA. The developers also make use of native development kit for developing android applications that’s provides developers with more options and a large potential market.

Android is considered to be a leading up-coming technology in the mobile world and its popularity is growing day by day. To reason this, there are various features and benefits (listed below) of Android that would plead you to go to android mobile application development

  • Easy to use, easy to handle
  • Wide scope of mobile apps development
  • It is an open-source tool
  • It has a great visibility for developers
  • Helps to develop innovative and dynamic apps

Android mobile application development gives a competitive advantage to your business. Android mobile application development is one such application development platform that can have huge impact on your business development and operations. Here are some benefits that you might want to consider for developing your next android application

  • Easy to enter the android market
  • Cost effective since it is an open-source technology
  • Provides high returns with minimal investment
  • No Licensing fees and no costly tools required for android application development
  • Since it is based on Linux, it provides more robust and higher performance stability
  • The development process is simple and quick which reduces the “time-to-market” for your apps
  • Provides rich user interface experience
  • Provides complete security to the mobile users
  • It is ideal for companies looking to adopt the mobile technology
  • Unlike apple, you can distribute your apps to multiple third party stores which in turn will help you branding as well
  • It is known for its inter-application integration feature that allows integrate intern applications

Android mobile application development is an innovative technology evolved for developing business application and its growing at amazing high rate. It has brought a tremendous revolution in the field of mobile application development services with its “concept development” feature, as I term it. In order to stay ahead of the competition, many business owners provide their customers with various mobile applications.

Since mobile application development is the next wave of communication, it is very crucial for business to leverage this aspect of growth. And I suggest Android mobile application development services to develop business applications which as I foresee has a huge market to tap.

Android mobile application development helps you convert your ideas into mobile apps that you can publish on the android market to earn money and also provide someone the opportunity to use the same apps. So, go ahead and grab this mobile apps development opportunity to give your business a competitive edge.

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  1. imping says:

    Thanks for the post…I have read out your post..This is full of information…I want to say thanks for sharing the such type of valuable information……

  2. nidhi shah says:

    So far, I like iOS application development over Android…

    • Ashlesh says:

      Hello Nidhu,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I guess everyone’s got a choice over apps development but the primary reason why people prefer Android mobile application development is becoz (according to my research) the apps are freely available to end users which makes the sales for android phones larger. Also it gives tight integration with google services and other free services. However, the senario is on prevalent in Middle East and Asia whereas the iOS is more prevalent in the US of A. Besides, I personally prefer iOS as well 🙂

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