Business Strategy in the Changing World

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Corporate
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Business Strategies depict how businesses succeed in their domain or industry against their competitors. With every new vision of a company, a new business strategy is placed to achieve certain goals of business. For any business to survive in the modern competitive era there must be flexibility and aggressiveness in defining a market business strategy in the changing world.

Defining a business strategy for your business should be broken down into smaller goals so that it becomes more vibrant to achieve your goals step by step. Keeping the strategies flexible and dynamic also helps to mold them from time to time in order to achieve the profit. In this changing world, as it progresses, it is growing more and more competitive day by day. There are various questions that you would like to ask yourself while defining a business strategy in the changing world.

  • What is the scope of business or company as a whole for this market business strategy
  • List down the needs, present and future, of the customers and prospect clients
  • Find out the unique characteristic, skills and capabilities that would help you achieve your business needs today and in future
  • What is the next initiation is to ensure and secure the future of the business
  • What are all possible future changes and risk for implementing the strategies

These are few of the questions that should be considered during the strategy evolving process.

In this ever changing world, should your business strategy be constantly changing?

It is the uniqueness in your business strategy that makes you stands out amongst the competitors in the market. You must follow your own business strategy to win the competition.

There are various practical issues that arise during the thinking and analysis stage that defines a good or better strategy in the changing world. I learnt this from a source on internet that there are certain steps that would help a business meet its goal if the following business strategy quality checks are performed

  • Properly and correctly scoped strategy
  • The appropriate documentation of the plan
  • Check whether it is addressed to real client needs
  • Will it expose the companies real capabilities and competencies
  • Will it provide a competitive advantage
  • Pave the way for the implementation


You may learn from your competitors’ market strategy but never replicate it since you have different competencies and capabilities which define your uniqueness in the market than your competitor. While defining the market strategy, one should assume that the world is not stable and predictable. However, in the long run, depending on the variance in your weakness and strength, you can amend the strategy in way that the crux of the strategy remains constant.

There are mainly two approaches towards business strategic development –

  1. Organic – Low risk, Absorb less effort, low instant returns, strategic flexibility
  2. Quantum – high risk, diverse attention, higher returns, no errors in planning

Of course, the market is changing, technologies are changing and so do the objectives change, that’s why “agility” is an interesting component in defining strategies over a period of time; But the strategic agility is not a substitute for current strategy. A good business strategy is a process that combines long term trait with changing market and focus since the aspects of business and economy affects one another. Business strategy in the changing world is also a matter of focus to understand the core identity, the construction time of placement, and it takes consistency, too.

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