Mobile Application Development – The Next Generation Technology

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Mobile Computing
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Due to the changing economy of today and the enormous diversity, the brands are facing aggressive competition, particularly their Marketing & Public relations divisions. It has become very essential to update and upgrade to the latest technologies and implement them in order to achieve success.

Nearly, all companies in the domain follow the same sales strategy to get the attention in the market.  The important thing here is that it might not be always safe to follow your competitors’ strategy. The increase in the amount of product development and due to the latest technologies creeping in, the consumers normally get confused in differentiating the products from one another. This ratio is been recently stated to be 21% as compared to 10% decrease than in 2003 where products and services prove to have worth full differentiation.

Thinking how that is possible. Consumer is the king of the market and he has got the complete freedom to choose his choice. But with the increase in the rate of competition, there has not been a significant change in the media and marketing opportunities which makes the marketers express and differentiate themselves as safe as possible.

To Support my statement earlier, try to put yourself in the shoes of people who represent big brands like Vodafone, McDonalds, Blackbucks… It must be so challenging for these brands to survive in the local market that is owned by the end consumers.  For companies like these, a small change in the cost price would significantly result in the change of their market value and consumer mindset. The strategy to brand this services / products lies in the creativity and innovation; the right time to hit the market, risk management and going beyond the traditional perceptions of media & marketing strategies.

I highly appreciate the vision Google had, long back in 1990s, when it launched its first search engine services.  No one ever had a clue of how important and drastic role would a search engine play in searching, getting traffic, targeting the right market.  The world has changed today and the traditional marketing strategies have changed to web marketing strategies.  This was one of the opportunities that was not to be missed and for those who utilized it have attained persistency in the market

Today mobile phones are no more a talk & text devices anymore.  Mobile phones have now evolved to be an excellent branding opportunity like the Google’s search engine.  I am sure some of the business with cling on to this opportunity and get their presence more established over the wireless media marketing. This is an innovative way to reach out to the customers with a personal touch that was not possible before. Mobile application development gives you an opportunity to tap the new market where you can reach out to the customers on the go. Mobile Application development is the new generation growing technology that help you creation of various innovative and unique applications such as web browsing, mobile sites, email at the go, Internet faxing, games, intranet applications etc.. Mobile Application developer can help you create a custom mobile application which can be one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating with your target customers.

The Mobile application development industry is very young and growing today. As a part of a mobile application development company, I would highly recommend people to grab up this extremely fast growing opportunity and tap the unseen market to your business. This is one of the smartest way to reach your customer and a new innovative way to market your business. The easiest way to get a mobile application is to approach a mobile application development company and share your ideas of mobiles. They will help you to convert your idea to into reality and deliver a mobile app that would leverage your business benefits.

To learn more about mobile application development, tweet me at twitter @ashlesh_shah. Alternatively, please feel free to fill in a contact me form for any question about mobile apps development. I would be happy to guide you to the right person who can help you go mobile. You can also connect me at LinkedIn by clicking on the link on the left panel.

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