The Science of Blogging

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Web
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Blog, originally abbreviated from the word “Web Log”, is a term used for online diaries with articles, writings, photos, Web links or other entries made on a blogging website. The science of blogging  is in the power of interactivity with the visitors. Blog allows you to share information across the world through the medium of internet, allocating a place to store that information and ideas in a disciplined manner. You can touch millions of lives, and spread your message like none other medium. You can say all that you want, and there will be an audience for almost every keyword you target!

The Science of Blogging

Content is the key behind every blog. Providing distinctive & quality content will attract a unique community of visitors which gives them a reason to revisit your blog or website in search of information. It is very necessary to categorize your blog so that the reader can select the category of their interest and read through articles of the same flavor.

Updating your blog by regularly posting articles is another facet to maintaining a health blog. Blogging takes away a commitment of your time. In order to develop an audience who would rely on you for information, it is very necessary that you publish a post on periodic basis. This will habituate your target readers to check your blog periodically. When I say periodically, I relate to the consistency in making a post rather than the accurate time of the day.

One of the ways you want your visitors to come and read your blog is to market it by attaching it to an email signatory, on social networking sites, business cards, forums and even websites. You would even want to share it by word of mouth while having a conversation with someone. Another good way of promoting your blog would be participating in various blogging communities, comments and bookmarking sites which would share information to their linked contacts. Getting connected to another blogger and helping them to drive traffic to their website will in turn help you with a back link from their website/blog.

Why would anyone post an article and not expect that to rank on the search engines? The best way to increase the probabilities of making your blog appear on the search engines is TARGETED KEYWORDS. Targeting the right keywords in the article and linking them to the post would enrich the article ranking on Google, Yahoo or Bing, etc.

Besides adding targeted keywords to your blog for ranking, you must make sure that you submit your blog to various blog directories. This will help various readers to find your blog through blog directories through the description excerpts. Your description should provide understanding of your blogging subject and the flavor of writing to the reader.

Blogging may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it definitely is one of the great modes of communication, I have realized, to bring your unique presence to the world. Besides, blogging also helps to promote your idea and advertise the brand. I live by one principle, “Submit it and Network” and see yourself grow.

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