Just for You

Posted: May 31, 2011 in General

You’re my dream, my love, my life
You’re the heart of my soul, my wife;
You the one that makes me smile,
Just wanna spend my life with you.

Life is so short; And in this short life,
I just don’t wanna keep missing you,
‘Cause that makes me shed tears
And all that I wanna do-
Is spend my whole life loving you.

You’re the one that makes my heart beat,
The one who cares, feels and treats,
The one who holds me and lifts my spirits,
And makes me feel proud of my credits.

You’re one whole part of me:
That makes me feels it’s always “WE”;
Love that we share between us,
Tunes our soul into one string-
That has the melody of Two-gather-ness
And the song of joy and happiness.

All I could say today sweetheart
With the bottom of my heart:
I LOVE YOU and always will,
No matter what, my last breath till;
‘Cause you’re all that I ever had,
And you’re all that I ever need.

The joy you bring along;
Never makes me feel alone,
And the love that comes all-gather-
Makes me feel we are always together.

There’ll be a time to Adore,
A Time for love, A time at dusk,
Into each others arms,
We‟ll have a time for US.

 Always will I cherish the love, we share-
Love that keeps us alive, keeps us binded,
No matter what – never will me
Hurt you and always nurture you,
Cause’ all I want is you,
And I know that’s gonna be true.

I only need love, it’s Sufficient,
For you and me,
Cause our love for us, One day,
Will make us Flee…………

  1. Rajesh Bharwani says:

    In General

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